Tastes and Wines TV show

27 Jan 2015

Makedonia TV’s show "FOOD AND WINE" visited the premises of Megaostrakon to present the excellent meze (side dish) for tsipouro, ouzo and white wine, as the presenter of the show, Mr. Vasilis Galanos was very impressed by the excellent quality of the shells. During his tour of Megaostrakon, the owner of the company, Mr. Dimitris Megasthenis, spoke about the Makrigialou mussle cultivations and feeding facilities, shells, mussels, selection, processing, packaging and dispatching, as well as giving advice on what to do and watch with regard to mussels and shells. The company is active in shellfish (mussels, clams, etc.) trading in Greece as well as abroad. See the Megaostrakon presentation and the interview below or on YouTube.