At Megaostrakon you can find fresh Atlantic scallops (Pecten maximus) with half a shell in 3 kg packs.
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24 Jul 2018

Gastronomy Day

A unique dining experience transpired at the "Litohoro Olympus Resort" restaurant, "Elia" on Saturday 30 of June with blue grabs and Pieria's shellfishes.

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2 Jul 2018

Launch of our new website

We are proud to present our new website, which we had commissioned in order to improve and streamline our services and communication.
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9 Mar 2018

Tastes and Wines TV show

Makedonia TV’s show "FOOD AND WINE" visited the premises of Megaostrakon to present the excellent meze (side dish) for tsipouro, ouzo and white wine.
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27 Jan 2015

Publisising Gastronomy

During the “Gastronomy" tour at the Megaostrakon centre, its owner, Mr. Dimitris Megasthenis, spoke about the Makrigialou mussle cultivations and feeding facilities, shells, mussels, selection, processing, packaging and dispatching.
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13 Jan 2013